Providing Quality Solutions

Hydra Nor International takes pride in providing top-quality railway jacking equipment to all our customers. We take great strides to exceed your expectations and preserve our reputation as a reliable, industry-leading service provider.

Our highly skilled engineering team can create custom solutions for any hydraulic-related rail equipment challenge.

Proudly manufactured in-house, our signature railway jacking equipment set the industry benchmark for performance, durability, and reliability.


Best In Class

Our signature jacks include In-Rail, In-Train, and Intermodal units with varying tonnage capacities. We have a couple of patented products that only we make. Keep scrolling to learn more about Hydra Nor International.

We also offer rentals of our most popular railway jacking systems.

You can get a complete and detailed listing of our products and services here:

From top left, clockwise: HN-CL5000, HN-1500INT, HN-2500IR, and HN-RD3000. To learn more, visit our PRODUCTS page.

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Built for Efficiency

Check out this clip from the History Channel's Extreme Trains: Coal Train episode, featuring our HN-CL5000 50-ton capacity scissor jacking system at a Union Pacific Rail Yard.

In the clip, a Combi lift C4000 is used in conjunction with the HN-CL5000 to change the wheels on a coal train in under 5 minutes!

Hydra Nor International's ability to tailor our engineering and designs to any customer's needs sets us apart from the competition.


Hydra Nor International currently conducts business on 4 continents across the globe.

Proudly located in Concord, Ontario in, Canada, we manufacture hydraulic equipment for over 20 companies in North America and provide custom solutions to rail companies across the globe.

We are proud to announce that all of our products exceed the ASME/ANSI B30.1 2009 industry standards.

We go above and beyond to continuously impress our customers by overcoming functional challenges of the rail industry worldwide, from Brazil to Australia and Saudi Arabia.

From top left, clockwise: Custom Drop Lift Table, HN-DL3500, Custom Dual Platform Scissor Lift, and HN-7522 .

Built for Performance

In 2010, the HN-CL5000 scissor jacking system was featured in an article about in-train wheelset replacement from Trains Magazine.


Hydra Nor International aims to become your trusted Hydraulic Railroad Equipment Supplier.

Hydra Nor International Limited was founded in 1988 and has since grown to become a renowned name in the hydraulic railroad equipment industry.

With over 40 years of experience behind the company’s president, Hydra Nor International is globally recognized as a leader in jacking system manufacturing.

Our expert skillset, combined with our flexible design, allows us to provide customized solutions for the unique challenges faced by our customers.